Social Media Hacks That Still Work in 2021

2020 has been a really tough year for all of us. We have all been affected somehow, but thanks to our social media we survived the year.Now, it’s time we welcome 2021 with a bash on our social media. It has been a challenging year for creators, influencers, and businesses (both small and big) to thrive for excellence. Hence, in this segment, I will be sharing the top 10 hacks to fire up your social media.

It has been some time since you have got the number of followers or likes or attention that you think you deserve. We are back with our top 10 social media hacks that will fuel up your social life.

With the ever-increasing population, the competition in the social media environment is only increasing. Under such conditions, we need some really good hacks (now more than ever) that would still work this year and maybe more years to come. The list has some exceptionally underrated hacks that would boost your account on various levels. These are the top ten social media hacks that we vouch will still work in 2021.

• Availing the Follow Feature on Facebook Profiles

• Video Content to Reign Supreme everywhere

• Allow Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter

• Following Hashtags on Instagram

• Converse more

• Share and Post Instagram Story Link

• Meme Culture is to Still Work (maybe beyond 2021!)

• Social Shopping to rule the Social Media

• Conversations on Corporate Responsibility to still work on LinkedIn

• YouTube Commenters’ Profiles are always helpful

Availing the Follow Feature on Facebook Profiles

Though Facebook is an old friend these days whom we seldom care about, we still have an extremely warm spot for it. Let us see what the ‘follow’ feature is and what good it does to your Facebook account. In short, it improves and enhances your Facebook account. When we focus most on social media marketing especially Facebook marketing, the first thing that comes in our mind is getting more followers.

The following feature on Facebook will allow new contacts to connect to you without sending a friend request. Enabling this feature will also increase your Facebook following. Since many people might not know you IRL, it will be more convenient for them to directly follow you on Facebook. Increasing the number of followers will have a positive impact on your profile. People who go through your profile will be impressed with your popularity and this is a bonus for you!

Increasing the number of followers depends on how engaging and relevant your content is for your audience. For example, if you have 200 followers and a sure 20 among them interact with you on a daily basis, the strategy is working. But if you have 1000 followers among which only 20 interact with you, it is a bad sign and your content needs to be improved.

Video Content to Reign Supreme everywhere.

Yes, you read that right! Video content on any and every platform will rule the entire 2021. It started from mid to late 2020 and has a big way to go! Be it all sorts of Instagram Reels or funny Facebook videos or Twitter videos that mostly spread social awareness, video content is the key to an engaging 2021 social media platform profile.

From hilarious TikTok videos to YouTube short series, there are several ways to grow your audience and increase those likes and followers on your profile.The key to making excellent and most viewed videos is to think of creative ways, ideas, and foundations on which you could build your video content. Gen Z rules social media on every platform. So the only way to engage and attract that base of the audience is to create short, witty, and crisp videos.

Did you know that for the famous ‘Hula Hoop Girl’ aka Eshna, her reels made her an overnight star? But, her content was talented and offbeat. She paired her saree with sneakers and danced her way through with hula hoops. Another very famous person for whom Reels did the trick is ‘themermaidscales’ aka Krutika. Her sense and theme of makeup are unusual and perfect. Her reels have the fun elements that got her more attention. Start by making a short Instagram reel. Reels are what the majority of the audience live for on Instagram. One reel leads to another and if some of your reels are hit in a row, your profile will reach new and unlimited heights, trust us when we say so!What are you waiting for?! Oh, we know. Creative ideas for the video content.

Allow Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter

Twitter with its little blue bird is taking over the social media network with a huge amount of monthly active users. Therefore, you should definitely try out this social media hack that will work this year. You should pay heavy attention to the Twitter Direct Messaging feature. We know what you are thinking. What good can come from DMs? Like we don’t already know DMs?Now, you surely know what DM means but you might not have the idea of its massive impact on boosting your Twitter profile through massive engagement.

Take your Twitter to the next level with this strategy. It allows various users regardless of your relationship with them to send you direct messages. These users necessarily don’t have to be your followers or related to you in some way. Suppose, for a small or large business that you own, you might come across people you DM you about your products or natural queries on Twitter. What you should do is solve their problem via DM and make your business grow and stand out in the process.

Plus, it is always good to gain followers from DMs. However, we strongly recommend you to be aware of hackers and creepy stalkers.

Following Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags have become the Goddess of Instagram. We are all familiar with the wonders few hashtags can do to your Instagram Profile. Well, it’s time to worship this Goddess even more now. It is not new that giving a few hashtags to your posts can increase the number of likes to your post as well as increasing the number of followers. Following Instagram hashtags are one of the best strategies.

A statistic says that at least one Instagram hashtag on your post makes it 12.6% more engaging than one without hashtags. But what are the following hashtags? Well, when you follow a hashtag, say ‘#love, #fashion, or #photoofthday’, they appear under your following list. Instagram carefully follows and observes your posts and hashtags relevant to it (just like any other social media platform) and thus would start recommending you even more relevant hashtags that will help you get more likes and followers. We know how you feel now.

You have to search less because Instagram will do the work for you and you will be benefited from fuelled up the Instagram profile. This works for every niche and you will love this easy hack.

Converse More

The conversation is the key to everything. Be it on social media platforms or IRL, you cannot gain mass popularity if you don’t converse. Especially on social media platforms, you don’t necessarily have to be perfect or relevant to gain a mass audience. You have to be prompt. For example, a few days back a Twitter trend set by an Indian user, Tiwari, went viral and set hashtags and Twitter on fire. Few minutes after the swearing-in ceremony in the USA, Joe Biden had tweeted, “It’s a new day in America.” Replying to the tweet Tiwari wrote, “Joe Biden is not my President.” After being asked if he was a Trump supporter, he said he was an Indian. This trend set Twitter on fire and in no time, Tiwari earned huge fame, his comment being searched most on Twitter. So now, you know how these easy social media hack works and we bet, you will be more enthusiastic from now on.

Share and Post Instagram Story Link

For those of you who are newbies to Instagram, Instagram stories are mostly like WhatsApp statuses, just a bit more fun and creative to view and post. With all the new additions of song albums with the pre-existing Giffy, cute stickers, places and so more!

So, if you are trying to level up your Instagram game or become the new attraction of the group, this social media hack will surely make the magic happen. Sharing Instagram story links from other pages, mostly less-renowned or underrated pages will help you gain more audience. Instagram with its over 1 billion active monthly users will soon climb up the charts of most used social media platforms with some of its awesome features (the one you have seen earlier).

One can use Instagram as a connection establishing tool through sharing Instagram links to your story from various other accounts. The underrated ones will gain more fame and you will grab the attention of a larger audience base. You do this now and thank us later!

Meme Culture is to Still Work (maybe beyond 2021!)

We love memes! We practically live on and for memes. By ‘we’ I mean, all of us since with the passing days the age range for enjoying memes is widening. Our fun social media hack to boost your profiles is to share as many memes as possible (not the dumb ones, remember most of the audience like the witty ones). Who doesn’t use memes for the growth of their social media platforms?

Huge brands and renowned influencers engage a huge mass audience and gain mass followers by posting funny memes relevant to their work or themselves. Some famous actors too post memes of themselves to gain more popularity and be in the limelight.

Let’s take the example of Vikas Jayaram Pathak. He is rather popular as the ‘Hindustani Bhau’. His usage of abusive words and catchy one-liners made him a favourite meme content. Almost everybody started posting various memes of him and continued the trend for a long time. Muhammad Sarim Akhtar is another example how meme made him an overnight Internet sensation. His classic way of standing as a Pakistani cricket fan during World Cup 2019 made him a meme model. His fandom reached peaks when there were t-shirts with his meme being printed on. Though you share the funniest and most relatable memes with your friends, we recommend trying this hack by posting memes on your stories to engage a greater mass of viewers and gain more followers.

Social Shopping to rule the Social Media

In the Gen Z market, every social media platform welcomes you to their wide range of social shopping. Mind you, dear viewers, it is NOT the same as online shopping. Social shopping is trending everywhere, be it Instagram or Facebook. Let us look at the stats. It says that around 36% of the customers search online and get product information before purchasing it.

Over the past few years, businesses that communicate and use social media platforms for selling their products have had a growth 73.2%. Here you can follow some commercial pages, view the items, communicate with the owner(s), and get your product delivered to your doorstep. It works wonders for you.

Most underrated or budding social shopping pages give a good quality product at a cheaper stake. This strategy is to get more buyers. So, you can get good products at lower costs and earn more followers or likes or hype in general over Instagram or Facebook. How? When you buy something online, you tag them. Then they feature you on their pages and you gain the attention of a wider range of audience. This works for almost all influencers these days.

On social media platforms like Instagram, 60% of total active users discover new products on the shopping pages and among them 75% of them take an action viewing one of the posts from the pages. The shopping brand, Sugarbox, is a social shopping page that has grown to become a large successful business. It sells funky jewellery sets, elegant bags and trendy dresses. The famous fashion designer, Anita Dongre’s ‘House of Anita Dongre’ has benefitted in her business with a monthly growth of 10% through social shopping. Liked this social media hack? Happy shopping y’all!

Conversations on Corporate Responsibility to still work on LinkedIn

Before all this, we did not have the time to sit and think. Now that we have developed our activist voices to spread positivity over social media, we are not backing down. Just like us individuals, several well-known and established brands took some time off to analyze and critically reflect on their current situation to improve their work. This included a huge deal of improvisation on several levels of the corporate business. These businesses took to LinkedIn to share responsibility and instill some major statistics of honesty and transparency.

LinkedIn is the best platform to discuss business models and improve some features with the help of a skilled desk of people. In 2021, transparency will be the key to better growth in business, and no better place to discuss ideas for it other than LinkedIn. YouTube Commenters’ Profiles are always helpful.

Want to build more and better connections with the subscribers on your YouTube channel? You could do that now with our amazing old social media hack that is guaranteed to work throughout 2021. YouTube being the second largest search engine with 1.3billion monthly active users.

Your video content should do the work for you without any extra costs. YouTube with its constant updates on various levels has been introducing some great features lately. With all these great features come some great profiles who are improving themselves with all the features and upgrades. It is never too late for motivational views and talks. Now, for every content you post, you can view your commenters’ profiles without much disturbance. You just have to click on their names and you will get all the information you need like the year they joined and the number of subscribers on YouTube.

Though this information can only be accessed through the YouTube App. Getting to know your commenters will give you an upper hand over rest as you will now know what content they prefer and everything else you need to know to level up your YouTube profile. Prajakta Koli who is also known as ‘MostlySane’ started off her YouTube career by making videos based on her daily observations in society. She interacted with her subscribers, got to know what they were more engaged in, she studied peoples’ behaviour and came up with appropriate content. Now she is a famous celebrity who has featured in movies and short series.

Lily Singh has won several hearts worldwide with her funny, creative and relatable content. The Superwoman expresses some social conditions in a comic way with her Canadian and Punjabi accents. This was our list. Let us know which ones you liked best.


Being a native of Kolkata, I think I’m in a quite justifiable position if I say Kolkata is the city of joy mainly because of foods and festivals. Well, about festivals, we can talk about the unending list of festivities celebrated here later. But, for most travelers visiting the city, food happens to be the most appealing. Besides the two most popular street foods which you ought to taste once in life (even more, if you visit more) and will never get boring, namely fuchka and rosogolla, there are a plenty of other dishes and eateries that will not let you put a pause to your hunger. So, if you ever visit Kolkata, these shall be my 5 recommendations of the top best restaurants in Kolkata to get started with your foodgasm right away.


Even miles before you can spot the large crowd near the best roll restaurant in Kolkata, you will smell the rich aroma of spiced chickens, muttons, onions, and hot frying paratha bread with smoky scent of fried eggs.


With juicy, roasted kebab fillings delicately wrapped in tender and golden yellow parathas, the katti roll is among the most satisfying of street foods in Kolkata. A hot favorite around Kolkata, this specialty delicious snack is only available at Nizaam. However, another hit dish of Nizaam’s is their biriyani. Just try the biriyani once, of this place. The sweet smell of soft buttery potato fries in the biriyani along with a pinch of raita is just wowsome.



Peter Cat in Kolkata will be your best solutions for continental dishes in Kolkata. Popular because of their continental gems, they also top the list of authentic and best Bengali dishes and Indian cuisines for some foodgasm dose. The best part is however the two special dishes – the chelo kabab and sizzler of Peter Cat, that are not only the best in Kolkata but also the first ones you must go for in this entire list. These are absolute must tries at this eatery.

4. PARIS CAFE (Not in Paris!)

The total princessy vibe of this place is owed to its charming decoration and of course yum desserts. You won’t believe the creamy and ingeniously designed desserts are actually for real.

5. BHOJO HORI MANNA (Gariahat branch is the best)


If you want to know why Bengali dishes tops the list of the most delectable cuisines, no other place than Bhojohori Manna is the best in proving the hype. This place has even bagged the award of Times Food Awards twice in the past for their delectable selection of authentic Bengali recipes. The best of Bengali fish dishes, veg recipes, chicken, mutton are available here. Mostly this place is worth all the hype for all kinds of authentic Bengali foods, you also get to taste a hand full of grilled, smokey seafood dishes, the best being their “chingri maach er malai kaari (prawn curry)”. If you are more into veg, don’t miss out their “aloo posto” and “sukto” (made with bitter gourd, but the most delicious!).

10 FOOD PARADISES IN KOLKATA TO GET YOU DROOLING is the must-read before visiting Kolkata so that you don’t miss out the top eateries to include in your itinerary. If you are ever visiting here, start with Bhojo Hori Manna should be your first to start with, and if you know someone who is planning a trip, don’t forget to share them this blog so that they thank you later! 😉


Certain things in life are worth all the savings no matter how difficult it is. For many of us, it is just one big dream and nothing that can replace it- traveling the world once before we vanish into the oblivion. And why not? You only got one life dude!

But, wouldn’t it be so great if you could still visit your bucket list for free and meanwhile save up for that one big trip?! That is really some treasure there. Getting to the Grand Canyon, taking the longer route to the White House, or entering a space station, all suit up! Some things that you cannot even get hold of no matter how much you save.

But, today, everything is possible, including the Seven Wonders, Deep Sea, and whole of Hogwarts (yes!) The only thing you need is a smartphone and come along me. How? Just go on reading (would be worth the read, I promise)


A stunning view and one of my favourites from Google Streetview. Reportedly one of the Grand Canyon Streetviews were made by snapping 9500 pictures together taken by Google’s team. The whole of Grand Canyon unfortunately could not be snapped because of its huge spread over 4926 km².

But you get to experience a 360 ̊ tour of the two most popular trails of the grand Grand Canyon along with a trip along theColorado River. Fortunately, you can even see the gorgeous Meteor Crater landmark which is included among a total of 75 miles of documentation of the Grand Canyon in Streetview. Some of my favourite views are linked here. Hit the link and move your phone.

Inside of the Roman death pit


A well-known architectural wonder which has stood for 2000 years, Google enables you to skip the expenses of tour planning and land straight away into the Roman Colosseum. Google Streetview houses some amazing close-up and aerial 360-degree shots for everyone to see the stone perimeter through an e-visit. Although the stone labyrinth hidden beneath the Roman death pit’s floor isn’t yet in Google’s radar, this place is still worth a visit.


For the Potterheads in the house. A 360-degree tour of the Diagon Alley, Puking Pastilles display in the doorway of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, a vivid 360-degree tour of Hogwarts await you this moment… I better not spoil the broth. Just tap here to see it for yourself.

Visit all the unmissable destinations sitting on your couch.

Diagon Alley


Luckily, you don’t have to wait till your next trip to Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower. Here’s a stunning view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, overlooking the River Seine and the city of Paris which is absolutely gorgeous. Hit the link and move the screen to see the entire view.

Get your hands on the best panoramic views from around the world absolutely free!


Istanbul is the biggest transcontinental city in the world with a mighty list of attractions to visit in both Europe and Asia. While Istanbul is a top travel destination famous for shopping and exploring the fine blend of European and Asian history of over 4500+ years, this transcontinental city has some truly picturesque scenic spots worth retiring in the lap of nature.

  1. The Princes’ Islands
Sloping hills on the island
Prince’s Islands bay

An archipelago with a group of picturesque peaceful waters along the the Maramara Sea away from the noisy world, its a soothing relaxing abode in Turkey. It’s a perfect weekend getaway destination for waking up on the island’s golden sands, live with the locals, walk along the coast, or watch the sea as the setting Sun draws below the horizon. This island is one among the group of 9 islands, away from the maddening crowds and a beautiful spot popular for its Arabic carriages drawn by horses (called phaetons). Motorcycles being banned on all the 9 islands, cycling and phaetons are the only options. This is one of the reasons why it’s so pretty along the coast and free from crowds. You can also visit the 6th century-old Hagia Yorgi church near the island, which offers a magnificent view. 

  1. Gulhane Park
Gulhane Park during the Tulip Festival

Gulhane Park was once a part of the Topkapi Palace and is situated inside the city, but it is offers a pristine, calm atmosphere within trees, blossoms, water bodies, fountains, and others. You can easily plan a small outdoor picnic with your group to spend some time in the park within the woods, diverse blossoms, and other natural formations if you visit the Topkapi Palace. Most travelers only explore the Palace area and leave out the park, so it is not difficult to relax here. The place looks especially extraordinary in the winter snow and during the months of April in the time of Tulip Festival.

  1. Polonezkoy

If you enjoy hiking in the countryside and interact with locals, learn about the traditional lifestyle of the Turkish, take out some time from your Istanbul itinerary to go explore the amazing natural landscapes in Polonezkoy. Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, this small Polish-built countryside offers some vivid hiking grounds with serene trails, dense woods, and meadows, perfect to sooth your adventurous heart.

Countryside meadows and trails

Besides, this place has some deep 19th-century historical roots and stories attached to the place that are worth hearing from the locals while you hike. You can smoothly plan a forest picnic or hiking weekend to explore the woods, trails, and meadows with locals and learn about their lives in the countryside. It is recommended you spare few nights and not hurry for the best experience.

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Polonezkoy forests
  1. Bursa

Bursa is another very magnificent and popular natural attraction in Istanbul both during the winters and summers because of it’s unique scenes in both these seasons. It is an important industrial center of Turkey towards the Northwestern side yet well decorated by natural beauties. If you plan properly, you can explore Bursa and come back to Istanbul within a day, but it is suggested you take your time to experience its unique winter and summer landscapes. In winters, it turns into a magnificent snow-filled landscape perfect for skiing. In summers, you can reach the other side of the mountains, hike, and picnic in the foothills, and enjoy the scenic beauty. 

Countryside of Bursa from hill top
  1. Black Sea beaches

Istanbul is pretty hot during the summers but don’t forget its on the Bosphorus, hence you are never too far from a beach. With an unending list of beach options both on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, you can adjust according to your itinerary because none of them are worth skipping. This is one of the most popular reasons why thousands of visitors flock to Istanbul every year.

Read about the must-know destination etiquettes for visiting Istanbul

Top beaches in Istanbul

Istanbul has some truly beautiful Black sea beaches to offer to travelers that are unparalleled with any other place. You can spend a weekend, build a tent house, sleep on the sands, or carry a bubble tent and even set up a barbeque on the beaches of Istanbul for the best travel itinerary to Istanbul.


White sand beach at Sile

For any beach lovers planning for a trip to Istanbul, Sile should be on top of the list of beaches ideally. Situated along a quirky Turkish countryside, the list of what not to miss there is truly unending. It is safe to say it houses the largest lighthouse that has a history dating back to the 1860s, and is also the first spot to visit on Sile. But, what’s more attractive is the white-sand beach overlooking the vast Black Sea, perfect for day trips, swimming expeditions, and of course beach stays and parties. And while you’re there, for a more dramatic vacation, don’t forget to try out the wine selections at Iyot Restaurant while tanning at the bay.


Go snorkelling into the deep blue, beneath the foamy waves, or go for a dart fishing time, Agva will truly touch your heart over again at every visit. Perfect place for nature lovers to sit at the bay, go fishing, watch the swimmers come back washed by the white foam, and wake up to the bright blue sea. You can book a lodge on the backwaters or a resort by the coast. With an added fresh coffee and breakfast at the bay, it is truly an evergreen life experience.

Pristine blue seas at Agva

Among other prominent Black Sea beaches and spots you can visit in Istanbul are Antalya, Uzunya, Babylon Beach, Burc, Nakibey, etc. Each beach in Istanbul offers a different experience – water sports, weekend trips, pristine and less crowded, pool parties, beach weddings, and so on. Solar Beach, Aqua Green Beach, and Suma Beach Clubs are extremely popular for poolside parties among tourists.


Among other popular natural attractions in Istanbul are the Belgrad Forest, Sapanca Lake, Kemerburgaz Forests, Horseback riding in Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, and so on. Istanbul is filled with beaches being located along both Maramara and the Black Sea; hence you won’t feel any lack of natural scenic spots. 

Istanbul, as rich in history, is also a great destination for all seasons. From majestic historic monuments, to rich blue Greek-Turkish carpets and vivid nightlife, you can experience everything you need. But before traveling, it’s essential to know the do’s and don’ts of the place as a traveler to Istanbul to ensure you are at safe hands all the time.


A trip to Antarctica including South Pole in just less than a penny? Well, why not, now that we cannot step outside our houses and also, it’s fine! Even we can’t afford a trip to Antarctica! But, sure we can still tour around the penguins – thanks to Google, our all-time savior. Or do you want to take a look at the South Pole telescope first?

With Google Streetviews, traveling around the world today is free and within everyone’s reach. Enter the White House, Visit NASA, or dive into the deep sea – it all takes just 40MB.

There you go, the list of the 14 best places you must visit through Google Streetviews that you cannot miss!

Also, there’s a small surprise for you at the end! (Don’t open now!)

Mont Blanc


TheGoogle Streetview of Mont Blanc from the top of the summit is one of the biggest virtual exploration launched by Google in association with themakers. The brilliant 360 ̊ view of the massif from the summit is one of the first places you should explore virtually. Not a single VR video, GoogleStreetview houses a series of in-depth videos captured from the summit of the second-highest mountain range in Europe which is worth experiencing once in a lifetime.


Times Square, New York

This had to be in the second place! Sooo soooo GORGEOUS! I intentionally chose not to put any spoilers here because nothing can substitute the actualStreetview VR of Times Square. Go hit “Times Square, New York” on the Google Maps or Streetview App and check it out. You can even choose to view Google Earth View but theStreetview is a lot more stunning. Three of my favourite views are linkedhere.


Another stunning view and one of my favourites from Google Streetview. Reportedly one of the Grand Canyon Streetviews were made by snapping 9500 pictures together taken by Google’s team. The whole of Grand Canyon unfortunately could not be snapped because of its huge spread over 4926 km². But you get to experience a 360 ̊ tour of the two most popular trails of the grand Grand Canyon along with a trip along theColorado River. Fortunately, you can even see the gorgeousMeteor Crater landmark which is included among a total of 75 miles of documentation of the Grand Canyon in Streetview. Some of my favourite views are linked here. Hit the link and move your phone.

Grand Canyon, Arizona


The Great Barrier Reef is another beautiful spot to explore through Google Streetviews. Now, a virtual tour is the best and the only option and Google Streetview does total justice with not onlyaerial 360 views but also multipleunder-the-sea views. To explore this place fully, I would highly recommend you go through some of the other options too (apart from these links) in Google Streetview of the “Great Barrier Reef’. Here are some stunning views from my archives that are linked. The aerial views especially are just excellent and gorgeous.


How about a dinner date on a plane? Or drinking in a First Class ticket’s exclusive bar? If you think Emirates A380 is not worth the hype, check this out now!


Although it’s really hard to give an overview of how massive a black-hole creating machine could be through online, Google’s attempt of capturing the Large Hadron Collider at the Swiss Facility is quite a show. Not only this, Google was successful in documenting 4 other experimental sites within the Swiss facility of CERN which is available on Streetviews. Just rotate your screen and use the step forward arrow to walk through the facilities: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb.

The huge tunnel of 1200 metres of the Large Hadron Collider were captured along with these four experiments and the project is ongoing. On completion, more views from inside the massive laboratory will be available.


Luckily, you don’t have to wait till your next trip to Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower. Here’s a stunning view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, overlooking the River Seine and the city of Paris which is absolutely gorgeous. Hit the link and move the screen to see the entire view.

View from top of Eiffel Tower


A well-known architectural wonder which has stood for 2000 years, Google enables you to skip the expenses of tour planning and land straight away into the Roman Colosseum. Google Streetview houses some amazing close-up and aerial 360-degree shots for everyone to see the stone perimeter through an e-visit. Although the stone labyrinth hidden beneath the Roman death pit’s floor isn’t yet in Google’s radar, this place is still worth a visit.


A school of fish dashing by your lens while you dive into the blue water of Galapagos Island, isn’t it worth experiencing? The best part is you can even swim with the baby seals and the fishes without spending a penny! Check out all the views listed here and on Streetviews as well!

Galapagos Island


Yes! You read it right! Walk around the White House, enter any room you want, walk to any corner you wish, and walk over the red carpet too! Rotate your map and step forward to see the entire place.

P.S. Can you find out the pool below in Google Streetviews? Search upstairs too and drop a comment below if you find it!

Pool inside the White House


Potterheads, for you. A 360-degree tour of the Diagon Alley, Puking Pastilles display in the doorway of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes,… I better not spoil the broth. Just tap here to see it for yourself. 😛

Diagon Alley


Ah! Let me fulfill your astronaut dream. 😛

This was the surprise! I won’t use words to describe it because words cannot. Here are two views on Google Streetviews – one from theInternational Space Station and a tour of theGalley Table.


Lastly, The Great Pyramid of Giza captured with an omnidirectional lens is a treat to the eyes. Built around 4500 years ago, this is the oldest architectural wonder standing intact till date which is worth an e-visit before 2020 ends!

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Even though we cannot step outside or afford a trip, no issues in downloading a 40MB app, right? Search one name at a time in Google Streetviews and explore! Put down in the comments below which one was your favorite and also if you have any more amazing place to add to the list.


Travel with Lia

Hallo everyone!

Very excited to announce the launch of my personal website cum travel blog – Travel with Lia. It’s specially done for all travel geeks so that they can also get a hold of the essential information about a place before planning a tour even if they are not following me on WordPress. Hope this serves a useful purpose in everyone’s life.

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Also, new post of the Paris series coming soon 😊 so stay tuned! Comment down below if you want a detailed itinerary (budget) to my last trip to Pondicherry!


I think Pondicherry is one of those most underrated weekend destinations in India. Most people who have visited once or twice will admit to have liked the place but they will surely add – “There’s not much to do there”. But I have visited Pondicherry about 5 times, both with family and friends. And in this Pondicherry travel guide, I am going to share some (also unusual) things to do in Pondicherry.

This blog is all about planning a budget trip to Pondicherry and see for yourself if this French colony is any less than a mini beach vacation. If you are a student and can’t plan a lavish trip, then this Pondicherry tourist guide is for you. I am all set to reveal the top to-dos of this place on a budget, are you?

Complete Pondicherry Travel Guide
French Colony, Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a French coast town filled with serene beaches to overlook the sunset away from the busy city life. On days when you have nothing to do, take a stroll along the long coastline of the Promenade Beach, the most popular tourist spot hosting lots of eateries. Or take a 15 mins ride from the White Town to the Serenity Beach if you want to learn about the fishermen community.

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry
Serenity Beach

The Serenity Beach is the prime beach having fishing activities, boats, nets, and comparatively calmer than the Promenade. You will find less crowd and can even go for surfing expeditions – the waves are small and safe for beginners to start. Both of these beaches have plenty of Instagram-worthy places for photoshoots. While these are local sightseeings and might take up less time from your itinerary, you have another beautiful paradise to visit – The Paradise Island Beach.

The Chunnambar Boat House and Paradise Island Beach is an extraordinary scenic spot located 8 km away from the city. It offers fabulous opportunities to go boating in the backwaters to reach a small beautiful island called Paradise Island. Typically, round-trip boat passes start from ₹350 (for Indians) that allow you to spend a couple of hours on the beautiful island or dine at the beach cafe. This small island is a must-visit if you want a taste of Goa trip on a budget.

Paradise Island Beach, Pondicherry
Paradise Island beach

The last of the four beaches, the Auroville Beach is 10km from the Pondicherry Bus Stand and 6km from Auroville. You can spend a day here if you like calm serene beaches away from the crowd.

Besides these three beaches, the White Town is a beauty in itself. Rent a bicycle in Pondicherry to explore White Town. Depicting the earliest European settlements and cuisines, you have plenty of beautiful French cafes to explore in Pondicherry. Likewise, street shopping options, French decor shops, and the local market are also worth exploring. Pondicherry is a place for the spiritual-heads, hence partying is next to nonexistent. However, you do have some restaurants and few pubs to pay a visit.

Wait, what? Now, this might seem new for most first time travelers, but the Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is what I’m talking about. If you ask me, I keep on visiting Pondicherry to enjoy the sight of young ‘Laxmi’, the sacred elephant that blesses you on receiving small donations or food. She is really a sight to watch. Devotees flock during the evening to circumambulate the Ganesh Temple along with the young elephant and give offerings to the deity. The temple is just within the White Town and is free to visit.

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple
Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple

Auroville is the spiritual center of this popular Indian territory and the entire White Town owes some part of its existence to this experimental township concept founded by the Mother. A visit to Auroville, Matri Mandir, and the Visitor’s Centre will throw a light on the lives of Shri Aurobindo and Mother and their vision about Auroville.

Auroville globe inside
A small glimpse from inside the Globe

If you are seeking some peace of mind and wish to meditate, visit the Auroville and Aurobindo Ashram for some spiritual time. The Aurobindo Ashram is within the White Town hence a separate day need not be spared. But to visit Auroville, you have to make reservations from before and need to devote a full day to it (except after the evening). Their reservation details can be surfed from here.

Auroville also happens to be lodging a French boutique and some cafes that will add more to your understanding of the French culture.

Auroville globe
Auroville globe

Since no Pondicherry tourist guide can be deemed complete without food, this is an important thing to do in Pondicherry. Pondy houses some cute and top cafes serving exclusive French cuisines besides local food. So, exploring the top cafes are the best ways of rewarding your tongue with authentic French cuisines. Popular restaurants in Pondicherry might be of moderate cost, local food won’t cost you a penny.

Le Cafe, Promenade Beach
Open beach front cafe

My top recommendation is Le Cafe on the Promenade Beach Front that serves a vast array of relishing coffee and seafood among others. If you don’t have allergies in seafood, try their Grilled Prawn – that’s the best in my opinion. There are also some top Instagram-worthy cafes in Pondicherry you can check out. To find the top ones, you can give a 2 minutes read to the Best Eateries in Pondicherry.

Le Cafe, Pondicherry
Le Cafe, Pondicherry

Here’s some good news for the Shopaholics. Pondicherry gives you both options of shopping – street as well as brand shopping. The Jawaharlal Nehru Street houses the maximum branded stores. You also get branded stores on other streets as well. For street shopping, I would recommend walking your way through the enormously lighted market area to find out steal deals on trendy wear, beach articles, antique colonial furnitures, and room decor. Rent a bike in Pondicherry to explore the city – a bicycle charges around ₹300 a day.

This is something unusual for a Pondicherry tourist guide. Pondy is a top destination for surfing on the east coast of India. Kallialay Surf School in Pondicherry gives daily surfing lessons depending on ocean conditions, so you could get your hands on some training. Also, there are Scuba diving opportunities too for couples, friends, or groups. This will attract some cost for students, so plan accordingly.

This is another popular thing to do in Pondicherry. So, you can take a tour guide or rent a vehicle to this place.

Lastly, don’t keep your tour itinerary too hectic, leave some time to enjoy and relax.

Here are some gallery from my last visit:

Promenade Beach
Promenade Beach
Serenity Beach, Pondicherry
Serenity Beach
Paradise Beach Island, Pondicherry
Paradise Beach Island

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Perhaps the most significant problem with teenage students and working ladies is to commit to DIY skincare routine. In regular days, our tight schedules often refrains us from taking good care of our skin. But, now that we all have all the time in the world, don’t you want flawless glowing skin after the lockdown gets over, like Kylie or Kendall Jenner? Here’s a list of the top three DIY masks for golden-glowing skin that I tried in the lockdown and you should totally try them too:

* All the DIY face mask for glowing skin mentioned here are easy-to-use masks, requires natural household products and suitable for all skin types*


Struggling with dry skin plus acne? Here’s your homemade, DIY remedy for dry, itchy skin. Oatmeal mixed with honey is an excellent recipe to treat dryness of skin. This is the number one mask used for treating acne by homemade mask lovers and beauty influencers.

How to use:

  • Mix oats and honey in a bowl and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Let the oats soften, then apply it to your face overnight or 2 hours before shower.
  • Rinse it in the morning with lukewarm water.
  • Can also be used for the whole body.
  • Use 2 times a week.


  • For treating extreme dryness of skin
  • Moisturizing normal skin type
  • Treat acne for sensitive skin
  • Reduces inflammation, rashes on skin
  • Glows any skin colour or type.
3 DIY Oatmeal Face Masks - PPM Apartments, Chicago

Alternative products:

If you do not have time to make a DIY hydrating face mask for yourself, you can try the following oatmeal scrub and masks as listed below. All of the following products are suitable for most skin types; still remember to do a patch test first if you are new to the product:


I was a sufferer of open pores since ages that made my efforts of fighting acne seem too far away. But this came out to be a total game changer for me! I used this religiously thrice a week for 4 weeks and was stuck in front of the mirror (lol!) Loaded with Vitamin A, never did anyone tell me egg had such good pore and skin tightening properties.

How to use:

  • Extract egg white from a single egg
  • Apply overnight (better not) or for 15 minutes in the daytime
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Use for 2-3 times a week


  • Closes pore with consistent use
  • Delays ageing, tightens skin

Alternative products:

If you do not have time to make the mask, you can try the following egg masks available online and offline. All of the following products are suitable for most skin types:


Milk is an excellent tan stabiliser and turmeric is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties; and the mixture of them serves to brighten up dull skin. This DIY Turmeric face pack is especially useful during the wedding season.

How to use:

  • Mix turmeric in a bowl by adding little quantities of milk in intervals.
  • Apply it to your face and let it rest overnight.
  • Rinse it in the morning with lukewarm water.
  • You can also use it 2 hours before entering the shower.
  • Use daily or on alternate days


  • For skin brightening
  • Removing tan lines
  • Treat acne for sensitive skin

Alternative products:

If you do not have time to make DIY face mask for glowing skin, you can try the following turmeric masks available online and offline. All of the following products are suitable for most skin types:

Hope these DIY face masks for glowing skin helped you achieve what I promised. If you are looking for homemade face masks for acne, then you can read this.


Tired of dealing with chapped lips? Have tried tons of remedies but none worked out? You may be missing out the most simple science behind them. Here’s 5 tips I brought for you that will banish away chapped lips forever!

Chapped lips are a dreary nightmare for everyone. However, in the hang of regular busy schedules, lip care is the only area that is often overlooked. Also, lip care is often associated with a boatload of myths and fancies that the marketing brands clog into our minds.

Here’s the myth busters and the 5 only simple steps for lip care routine that are enough for anyone to have picture-finish lips.

5 tricks to deal with chapped lips -
Source: Google


In context to the popular belief, use of Vaseline is often defamed among folks as it contains petroleum jelly (or petrolatum) as one of its active ingredients. Many believe petroleum to cause hazard to the skin. This is contrary to the fact that when properly refined, petrolatum comes with no known health hazards. Petroleum jelly (also called petrolatum) is a mixture of silicones, mineral oils and waxes, that seals off moisture into your lip skin with a water-protective barrier.


The world of advertisement affects people’s lives so dynamically that it’s almost impossible to oversee the scientific facts behind most used cosmetics. Most people tend to go for lip balms enriched with peppermint oil, etc and diverse flavours like strawberry, orange, berries and so on. The most common notion behind their use is their benefits will be soaked in by the lips. However, they act the exact opposite way by not trapping enough hydration for the lips and also does not provide any external nourishment. On the contrary, scientifically proven, lip balms containing olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly are the most beneficial. They have 100 fold better capacity of trapping moisture and sealing the lip skin.


Lipsticks don’t have any of the active caring ingredients contained in lip balms. They are also created from oils and waxes, which form a protective film over the lips, but they lack the essential vitamins and antioxidants that restore and rehydrate lips. Also, lips are very much prone to sun damage just like skin especially because they do not even contain melanin. Lipsticks do not contain any SPF to protect against Sun damage.


A big big no! Tongue and saliva just makes the game even more worser! Saliva may make the lips feel soft for some moment, but its acid content evaporates way more faster leaving the lips even more chapped. So, if you have an habit of licking your lips, it may be one of the cause why you are suffering from flaky lips.


I will justify why this is not at all correct. Lips are an exposed part that comes in contact with all the population, dirt and gunk throughout the day. Lips do not contain any sebaceous glands does does not have a backup protection. And more worse, lips contain no melanin that makes it more vulnerable for Sun damage. Thus it is always necessary to cover your lip with a water – sealing balm whether you go out or stay in or even sleep. I will add a tiny list of working lip balms at the end of this article and all of them drugstore. So that you can take care of your lips at the minimal cost and with the easiest lip care routine.


Men needs a lip care routine just as much as women. It is because their lips are also exposed to the same environmental pollutants, dirt and dust just like women. Also most men have bad food habits and they often ignore self care in addition to damaging habits like smoking. This extremely roughens out the lip cells and turns them black. Smoking makes lips easily susceptible to external damage.


Unlike skin and hair care routines, lip care doesn’t involve tedious process. It’s a comparatively easier and takes much less efforts and time. Just make sure you follow these 3 simple steps everyday religiously:

1) After brushing your teeth in the morning, make sure to put a 2-3 layer thick coating over your lip while it is still moist using a good lip balm like those containing olive oil or coconut oil or petrolatum for example, Vaseline Intense Lip Care Balm. Keep the layer for 10-15 minutes while you do your daily chores.

2) Then use a towel to scrub or wipe off your lips. This will remove all the flaked skin along with the lip balm layer.

3) Now just put on your normal lip balm (preferably containing an SPF) and continue your day.

4) Make sure you don’t lick your lips anytime and don’t leave it without lip balm covering. You can use a basic lip balm. Just make sure it contains olive oil, coconut oil or petrolatum as its active ingredient. You don’t even have to invest loads in lip balm. You will find plenty of drugstore lip balms online and offline, I have linked some of them below. 

5) Also don’t scrub your lips with your toothbrush as it will damage the thin layers and may even bleed.

6) Also before you go to bed, put a thick covering of lip balm to let it heal from the little damage it may have incurred during the day.



Ofcourse the first name is always reserved for Vaseline. There’s no other lip balm that can compete with this product’s effectiveness. It contains silicones in addition to petrolatum that keeps the lips soft and supple and is suitable for all lip types.

I have used lip balm from over 25 brands some drugstore some high-end for the last 18 years and I have never came across any better healer than this. My lips were chapped and black for many many months despite trying so many brands. I purposely did not choose Vaseline at first because I myself was a believer of the Myth No. 1 back then. But I did my research and also consulted my dermatologist who finally busted the myth. Well enough, my lips literally transformed from then onwards. However, it does not contain an SPF.


Although Nivea comes with a range of 9 lip balms each one of a different flavor. But I personally recommend the non-flavoured one that is the Nivea Smoothness Lip Care Balm that contains shea butter as an active ingredient and has SPF 15 in it. It locks in moisture for long hours throughout the day. It is also a dermatologist recommended drugstore product suitable for all skin types.


It is loaded with an SPF 30 (and PA +++) and Vitamin E but is devoid of petroleum jelly and silicones. It is also a very good drugstore lip balm to use.


This is a very good dermatologist recommended drugstore lipbalm that is suitable for all lip types. It is unscented, PABA- free and is enriched with the goodness of SPF 15. It leaves your lips smooth and conditioned and doesn’t even leave a waxy feeling.

Remember : Smoking has an extreme harsh effect on the lips


France is a dream destination for many tourists.

From the the stunning Calanques bordering the Mediterranean to the ochre canyons of Roussillon and Rustrel, the iconic monumental towns, fairytale villages of Provence and Colmart, the romantic spells of the city of Paris, or the uncountable mouth savouring cuisines that the country offers – each landscape is unique and needs to be explored.

But a country offering such a vast diversity of cultures, cuisines, art, natural views is essentially luring enough to make travel mistakes unavoidable for tourists. In this Paris travel guide, I’ll tell you the don’ts and the top mistakes that travellers do and break down the rules to make your Paris travel easy.

The do’s and the can’t -miss of a Paris trip are for another day and I promise those are much more exciting.


Definitely not in August. The myth that whole of Europe shuts down in this month is not a total myth – as this is the vacation time for countrymen to travel. Consequently France (specifically Paris trips), one of the busiest cities on the globe remains utterly crowded, sometimes with many small businesses and shops closed for a week or two.

So, this won’t be a recommended month for a Paris trip unlike spring (April to June) or fall (September to November) when there are fewer tourists, lower prices, and moderate temperatures. The summer months can be hot, crowded, and expensive.

However, you may choose August if you want to experience large crowds of Parisians or during Christmas when Paris is just like a fairytale.


To enter France, you’ll need a valid passport. A visa won’t be necessary unless you plan to stay longer than 90 days. The French government requires that everyone carry identification at all times, so keep your passport and driver’s license handy.


In case of a medical emergency, dial 15 for the SAMU. For a police emergency dial 17, and for fire dial 18. The American Embassy is located in Paris at 2nd avenue Gabriel where you can get a range of services from emergency services due to arrest or death to passport services and notarial services. Make sure to check the embassy’s website for a full range of services. You can also find consultants in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Rennes, Strasbourg, and Toulouse.

        4. CASH IS SAVIOUR

Not every shop will accept card as a means of payment or may require you to spend atleast €10 to use your card. So keeping cash at hand at all times is as necessary as keeping two cards with you. Ofcourse you don’t want to land in trouble if one card is swallowed up!

Also, avoid unnecessary exchange fees by withdrawing cash from any bank ATM and at airports where exchange rates are extraordinarily high. And before you set foot in Paris, make sure with your bank that your card will work in Paris.

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Pick up a local SIM card for your smartphone to cut on roaming charges and stay connected. The most popular prepaid ones among others are – Orange, SFR, LeFrenchMobile, etc. You will find a detailed list of all user- friendly French SIM cards here.


Not carrying your ID is legally felonious in France and technically, ID has to be in the form of a national identity card or passport and a driver’s license won’t suffice but keep it handy too.

Art Nouveau Metro Stations in Paris
Art Nouveau Metro Stations in Paris


The ‘RATP’ app provides public transport information in Paris and surrounding regions. It is basically like a Paris tourist app or a Paris travel guide.

You can find maps, create a journey, find out when the next bus arrives, find nearby stations, which stations are currently unavailable, get traffic information (including strikes and demonstrations), and read timetables.

The VELIB’ app is another famous Paris tourist app or Paris bike app for renting bicycles around the city and the app guides you where to find a bike, number of bikes available at a station, nearby Velib points, and time left to return it. 


Try to walk your way through the city that besides being cheapest will feed your eyes of the various neighborhoods. Having said that, Paris would be the most difficult place to get lost while navigating. Also, the Paris metro is the safest and not to mention quickest and a cheap way to tour Paris. Prominent Paris metro map apps include RATP app among others.

The Paris Train (RER) is not good if you are travelling solo but is the cheapest public transportation. Services run until very late in the evenings, and are often manned by security guards.

 TIP: The Paris RER though fast and cheap is a site for train crimes like pick pocketing. Keep an eye out!

Avoid taking cabs everywhere unless you have just arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, as they are not only expensive but also comes with an added risk of getting fooled by cabmen as communication may be difficult for the language.

Avoid taking cabs to airport that costs 50 euros instead you may take the airport bus from Denfert – Rochereau which is free with weekly metro pass.

 You may choose a Hop – on – Hop – off bus service for touristing the important sites from the available service providers. You will find a detailed analysis of the various transport facilities here.

Best of all, buy a weekly metro pass (Navigo) or Paris Visite card. (For details, visit here.)  Metro closes at 12.40 AM Sundays – Thursday and on 1.40 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Rental cars are available for Paris tour that costs about $43 a day (INR 3290) on an average.

Plenty of rental bicycle services are also available around the city to check out the top Paris sightseeing spots.

To know about all transport options in Paris, visit our blog on navigating through Paris.

Hop-on-hop-off bus night tours
Hop-on-hop-off bus night tours


In Paris, you can only buy common OTC medications in pharmacies. Fortunately, pharmacies are plentiful and are trained to diagnose minor illnesses, so you may approach a pharmacist for minor illnesses. Physicians are easy to find, and they routinely make house calls.

       10. BEWARE OF SCAMS

People roaming around with petition papers trying to convince tourists to sign on them is not an uncommon scene in Paris and all of France. Beware of such people who may later threat you to take money out of your bank using signatures.

Also, do not ever pick up any unidentified object from the streets that do not belong to you, howsoever precious, as petty criminals track your whereabouts and may approach you for payments or slash cases of theft on you.

You will also find men roaming around trying to put rings on women’s fingers for friendship who later approach for payments. Avoid taking anything from anyone for free. And most importantly, never leave your valuables or cash or cards anywhere and keep an eye out all the time. Pick pocketing is one hell of a business there! These are Paris safety guidelines you should keep in mind while on a Paris trip.

Aesthetic vintage bikes in Paris
Aesthetic vintage bikes are found on rent all over the city

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Being a popular tourist destination, pick pocketing and theft are not uncommon in Paris just like at any other place. So its always advised to keep a close eye on belongings be it at a pub, restaurant or even rental cars for that matter. Sadly, in Paris, rental cars are one of the easiest preys of thieves, specially at sight-seeing places. Its advised to leave all important belongings in the hotel preferably inside a safe if provided.


Although there are plenty of pedestrian crossings in France, but vehicles usually don’t slow down unless they see a crowd crossing or someone signaling to stop. So make sure the vehicle has received your signal and slowed down before you move forward.

Place Saint Michael
Place Saint Michael


The French are so involved in strike cultures with one popping up every now and then, don’t forget to look up for any strikes at C’est la grѐve  website (It’s the strikes) before planning anything to avoid any disturbance ahead. This is another important Paris trip safety guideline to keep in mind.

         14. EXPLORE THE CITY

You can surf up the Paris Bouge that lists all special or important events occurring in the city on a particular day or even to know about live events, concerts, exhibitions, top rated restaurants, bars, club, art, nightlife – this way you won’t miss out on priceless experiences.

Besides visiting popular Paris sightseeing spots and beautiful places to visit in Paris, do not forget to experience local culture and cuisines. What else can probably give you a better Paris trip experience than local Paris cuisines?!


If you have come across a popular dine – in restaurant in Paris, make sure you make a reservation before-hand rather than turning up suddenly. You might have to return because of limited slots available. The TheFork app deserves a special mention here. It provides a detailed information about top Paris restaurants and bars where the best French cuisines are served at their best!


Strictly follow meal times or you might not get food at all. Breakfast is simple and eaten early – maybe croissants, pastries and brioche with coffee or hot chocolate or even egg and bacon. In Paris, lunch is from 12 pm – 2 pm served in popular Paris restaurants. Most shops get closed by 3pm and remains such till evening which means you might not get lunch anywhere if you don’t turn up on time. And dinner in Paris is between 7.30pm – 10.30pm although you might find no one too early. Don’t forget to turn to the farmer’s market for fresh and cheaper food items when travelling in Paris.

  River Seine cruise
  River Seine cruise


Learning the basic French words before going on a Paris trip will always be a saviour for you. Cabmen will think twice before fooling you, you will understand surrounding areas more easily, and seek help from locals when in need.

Always start a conversation with ‘bonjour’ or ‘bonsoir’ and remember to greet individually whenever entering a restaurant, cab, office, or meeting any Frenchmen. Starting a conversation right away with English can seem a bit weird where finding non- English speaking Frenchmen is not uncommon. But even when speaking in English take it slow lest that seems non- thoughtful of you. You may learn on your own using  Duolingo or just any beginners level website on the web or pick up some from us. Some of the important words to know to get through common situations are given below.

Bonjour – hello

Bonsoir – good evening

Merci – Thank you

De rien – welcome

Sil vu plait – Please

Pardon – Sorry

Au revoir – Goodbye

Parlez vous anglais – Do you speak English?

Je ne parles pas le Français – I don’t speak French

Oui –Yes

Non – No


And lastly, some basic etiquette to follow once you are landing at top places to visit in Paris. Keep your tone low in public places. Never hug any Frenchmen unless they do so. However, an air kiss on both cheeks is a standard for both men and women.

While on the table, never butter your bread (except breakfast) or cut it with a knife. Bread is to be served on the table and not on the plate and is to be torn with bare hands as much as one needs. Though there are no hard and fast rules for tourists, there’s no sin in being a Frenchman when in Paris. (When in Rome, be like the Romans)

Also, pour wine on your own glass after sharing with your partner, especially because when dining with locals in Paris. Follow this even when refilling your glass but remember, only half the glass!  

What advices do you have for first timers in Paris or France? Let us know in the comments below!

So, that’s all for today! Coming soon with more amazing blogs on how to plan a trip to France on a budget, what to pack, what to experience!

 And don’t forget to carry an universal adaptor and a 4 – port adaptor when on board!



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